Owncast 直播管理平台一键安装脚本

测试环境:centos7 64

curl -s https://owncast.online/install.sh | bash


Created directory  [✓]                                                                              
Downloaded Owncast v0.0.6 for linux  [✓]                                                            
Success! Run owncast by changing to the owncast directory and run ./owncast.                        
The default port is 8080 and the default streaming key is abc123.                                   
Visit https://owncast.online/docs/configuration/ to learn how to configure your new Owncast server. 
[email protected] $ cd owncast                                                           
[email protected] $ ./owncast                                                            
INFO[2020-11-28T15:58:08-08:00] Owncast v0.0.6-linux-64bit (c635684fc36387b6ac4ad3bd7c0a5dca629a2088
INFO[2020-11-28T15:58:08-08:00] Web server is listening on port 8080, RTMP is accepting inbound stre
ams on port 1935.                                                                                   
INFO[2020-11-28T15:58:08-08:00] The web admin interface is available at /admin.